Conversations For Real Use 2.0 pt1

Many thanks to Willem Dafoe for narrating “Conversations for Real Use 2.0.”

Since the past US election and Britexit you’ve probably heard a lot about dark social, dark traffic, or dark data as it more commonly called. The Election outcome should hasten marketers’ embrace of social listening, machine learning and is proof that the cognitive marketing era is here.

It’s time to dump marketing stereotypes in favour of developing a richer, more meaningful understanding of people’s beliefs, values, needs and desires. It’s about knowing people and their context better. The more passion areas and topics of interest one can discover, the more connections and events can happen.

“Conversations 2.0” is comprised of two videos – Premise and Resolution. The textures and forms were generated by machine responses to data that converted text from one script to another and then generated optics and sounds.

As the machine learning matured, it associate the term “Dark Data” with bright colours. Which actually is correct because Dark Data is a rich, colourful collection of social chatter that is usually ignored by the mainstream.

This is the Premise.


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