“INSTACONTENT” is a hyper-local social listening strategy and content scalability process based on human behaviour and event patterning.

It allows lower cost to try, creative pivoting, real-time optimization, brand building and is transaction driving.

This test and learn strategy garnered 454 million views with a 285 million completion rate resulting in $46 million online revenue and $231 total store / online revenue. Also drove a 42% increase in apparel sales and a $29 total ROAS.

The content is informed by realtime data in order to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

When properly implemented InstaContent enables:

* 24/7, real-time optimization with investment amplified against high performing content.

* Significant scaling of first party data. (First party data = AAM segments with historically high ROAS)

* Managing risk by hedging investment with more content and faster speed to market.

* Relevant seasonal messaging.

* Improved targeting based on member behaviours and “People Patterns.”

* Ongoing campaigns provide expanding pool of data and intelligence.

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