“INSTACONTENT” is a term I gave to a hyper-variable creative content strategy and process based on human behaviour and event patterning.

The basic principal is to create “always on” digital and social content which allows lower cost to try, creative pivoting, real time activation, brand building and is transaction driving.

This test and learn strategy garnered 454 million views with a 285 million completion rate resulting in $46 million online revenue and $231 total store / online revenue. Also drove a 42% increase in apparel sales and a $29 total ROAS with notable campaign: “Seriously Sears”.

The content is informed by realtime data in order to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

When properly implemented InstaContent enables:

* 24/7, real-time optimization with investment amplified against high performing content.

* Significant scaling of first party data. (First party data = AAM segments with historically high ROAS)

* Managing risk by hedging investment with more content and faster speed to market.

* Relevant seasonal messaging.

* Improved targeting based on member behaviours and “People Patterns.”

* Ongoing campaigns provide expanding pool of data and intelligence.

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